Grieķijas D-day : LIVE

Posted on June 15, 2011


Greece’s D-Day has arrived: June 15 may soon be the 2011 equivalent of May 6, 2010 when the reaction to the realization that Greece was insolvent hit the population, together with a peak in hostilities, not to mention the US market flash crashing. In addition to a general strike, thousands are already packing the central Syntagma square in Athens, where MPa have started congregating to commence deliberations on the Troica’s mid-term fiscal proposal. Already there has been tear gas fired at protesters who are gradually shifting away from their peaceful posture and slowly becoming unruly. Below is a live feed of the square as well as a link to an English live blog following up to the minute events.

Live stream 1:
LIVE STREAMING: Η Αγαν?κτηση των Ελλ?νων byNews247

Live stream 2:

And a catch-it-all multistream:

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