Sprādziens Davosā vērsts pret UBS banku un Šveices valdību

Posted on January 27, 2011


Details are unverified and sketchy, but the Swiss free newspaper 20 Minutes has reported that an explosion occurred Thursday morning 27 January in the Hotel de la Poste in Davos and that anti-WEF groups sent an e-mail claiming responsibility and saying a second bomb could go off. Police in Davos state they cannot say what caused the miinor explosion but that there have been no injuries.

The hotel houses a group from bank UBS who are attending the World Economic Forum, including Chairman Oswald Gruebel. 20 Minutes initially reported that members of the Swiss Federal Council were in the hotel, but they are staying at another one owned by the same company.

The group, in its e-mail to20 Minutes, makes it clear it was targeting UBS and the Swiss government.

According to 20 Minutes, the authors of the bomb say it was scheduled to go off at 06:00 to spare employees. It went off at 009:00.


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