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Posted on January 15, 2011


Criminal? Incompetent? Insane?

It’s hard to know how much of the crisis gripping the eurozone can be attributed to the above qualities of the German political, financial and media “elite”.

But this much is clear: they’re pretty arrogant.

A meeting in the headquarters of the media group Axel Springer’s yesterday was styled by „Die Welt“ as a meeting of the country’s “leaders” or “fixers” (Lenker). No mention of the people or parliament.

The meting involved the very same corporate and political characters we are already familiar with from Bilderberg and World Economic Forum meetings – that is, the very same people who have caused a near economic meltdown of the eurozone were sitting together around a conference table musing how to solve it.

And this group clearly does  believe it is up to them, and them alone, to solve the crisis while ignoring the political reality that the people in Germany and Europe want real change, real reform and real democracy even if they cannot make their voices heard above the elite’s meda propaganda machine any more than they could in Tunisia where the authoritarian leadership has just been overthrown.

The demonstrations in Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Germany are just a foretaste of what is to come unless there is a return to democracy and sound economic policies. The days when the elite could sit around together to decide how to carve up the cake between themselves are coming to an end whether they like or not.

At the meeting in the Axel Springer headquarters, there was, of course, the honoured guest, Deutsche Bank boss Josef Ackermann, who was responsible for causing banks to crash, so triggering billions of tax payer bailout in a  fractional reserve banking fraud. He was smiling and joking clearly because the elite do not care for the truth or for justice. They care for their bank accounts and if Ackermann filles their bank accounts, he is welcomed and honoured no mater what his crimes against the people may be.

The people, for sure,  are not impressed by the smiles of people like Ackermann who have only escaped prison only because the judges are so corrupt – any more than they are impressed by the likes of Austrian Finance Minister Josef Pröll.

Documents show that Pröll assisted Bayernlb in robbing tax payers in Austria of more than a billion euros by cutting off the liquidity to a subsidiary Hypo Alpe Adria. Instead of insisting the liquidity be restored, Pröll cheerfully declared Hypo was insolvent and needed billions of euros from the government – money that is now missing for schools, universities etc and that Pröll is clawing shamelessly from tax payers with austerity budgets.

Also, the Hypo Niederösterreich – the bank of Austrian federal state controlled by the Pröll dynasty – received a fine of 50 million euros from financal authorities for giving more credit to the Ireland property „boom“ than it was allowed to – and so earning more profit from Irish tax payers for the elite.

If the „elite“ think that the people of Ireland will tolerate 6% interest rates to pay off a national debt created by these same criminal banks for their profit, then the „elite“ really need to think again.

They should take a look at Tunisia and realise the corruption, authoritarianism and criminality there is not very different from the situation here. And nor is the media censorship. The extent of the media censorship by  the elite has been grasped, in the meantime, by the people of Europe. The storm of revolution will come not appear on the radar of the controlled media in Europe before it is too late as it did not appear in Tunisia.

There is little point in continuing to listen to corporate and bank CEOs to find out how to solve the problem of corruption and a lack of democracy they caused in the first place.

There is little point in giving much credibility either to the „court“ economists that tell the elite that insolvency mechanisms are impossible and that countries cannot be allowed to default on the debt often created by the very same criminal banks. There is no point because the political reality is that the peopleof Europe are simply not going to continue to pay for the elite crimes any more with their jobs, savings, pensions and futures.

Insolvency is not only possible: it has been advised by serios German economists and not just by the elite’s court jesters of economists and CEOs sitting in the Axel Springer HQ.

Insolvency for  states immediately is an important to relieve country’s of their interest paymet burden.

And it is important to set a signal in the future that this kind of excessive debt will no longer be tolerated in the eurozone. It is importat to set the sgnal to the states – and it is important to set it to the banks that crime does not pay as it does now thanks to people like the elite’s puppet German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

If the banks and insurance companies want to make a profit in the future, they have to invest in sustainable business – not in fraudulent scams.

Schäuble is so far from seeing the writing on the wall, he even dared to once more push for an expansion of the European stability fund shamelessly at the meeting yesterday. As if he has not been caught out red handed in a crooked scheme to issue eurobonds with a 120% guarantee from a fund that violates EU treaties and that has no political backing behind everyone’s backs in January – and with China as the main beneficiaries. Or who believes he did not know?

This shameless, shameless man dares to say according to media reports that the people of Europe should give more money to this illegal fund to help his pals to enrich themselves even more in spite of German economic experts warning expressly in a report that such a fund should not be used to provide liquidity to pay bank debts and ruin states.

This shameless, shameless finance minister has presideed over an era where Germany has seen ist national debt grow to unprecedented levels in spite of the highest taxes, a „financal crisis“ that cost tax payers billions, negative real income growth, low domestic consumption and extreme poverty for everyone except the elite and the exporters.

He has nearly destroyed the entire eurozone by his insistence that insolvent states should pay back criminal and fractional reserve banking debts even if the money has to come from every single tax payer in Europe.

The question has to be asked if he is incompetent or criminal.

After all, we now know that a Bayernlb manager who was considered incompetent was actually accepting bribes of 50 million dollars for his „eccentric“ decrisions.

Whether he is criminal or incompetent, Schäuble needs to go for his eccentric decisions.

In the real economy, he would have been sacked long ago.

But he seems to be somethin like the elite’s court jester and allowed to amuse Germany and Europe with his whimsical suggestion that more people should suffer more poverty, more young people should suffer more unemployment, more children, more hunger so that the elite fat cats can have more luxury yesterday at the conference of the elite. And the elite, presumably, like to hear that message because they are the ones benefitting from these crimes.

Also present at the meeting was German Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen, a woman who has been accused of trickery in calculating the starvation levels of the Hartz IV to keep them low, smiling and laughing to amsue the elite who reward her well for her plunging millions of hard working Germans into poverty and for destroying the future of a whole generation of children.

Because if the elite think they can pare down the support for children to 250 euros a month and then have fit and healthy workers who have allegiance to any government in the future, they are deluding themselves.

Penny wise, pound foolish, is an an ancient proverb.

The sight of a penny appears to arouses in the elite so much excitement and so much desire for possession, that they forget the bigger picture altogether. Calculating how to increase their profits is not the same as governing a state, after all.

The elite also seem to think they can continue to push their toxic vaccines on young people and expect people to have faith in their puppet government, but they are deluding themselves.

The only sensible person at the conference yesterday seemed to be the Chancellor Angela Merkel: she seems to be able to learn from past mistakes, something that most the rest of the elite are not.

Merkel said yesterday that growth and competitiveness need to be restored to Europe, and though we hav yet to see the concrete policies, she has, at least, grasped the problem and put her finger on the solution.

Also, she again signalled her opposition to expanding the stability fund, a first step to stopping the economic meltdwn of the eurozone engineered by the banks for their profit.

However, it is not clear she will get much backing from the elite or whether she will be pressured to go along wth the other lemmings heading for a cliff while thinking they are about to reach an El Dorado.

The very first lesson, surely, that the elite should have learned was to start asking serious economists how to get out of this mess they created and inviting them to the conference table instead of their cronies given that the time left to repair their errors is so short.

Merkel, at least, seems to have grasped that there is oonly a small window of opportunity left to introduce reforms that will stablise economies in Europe and return them  growth before the continent ends up in flames like Tunisia due to an economic meltdown caused by the short-sighted, deluded and complacent elite.

If a committment is made by the elite to keeping the flawed euro currency in spite of the people, then the steps needed to stablise the euro have been outlined by experts and they need to be taken immediately:

–         an insolvency mechanism as suggested by the government’s own economic advisors in a report cynically buried to allow Deutsche Bank and co to continue to milk tax payers

–         a low interest rate  on any loans to allow countries to grow

–         a fund that buys up government souvereign debt and not just provides liquidity for interest payments on that debt

–         an end to the issuing of eurobonds that make it harder for country’s to refinance their souvereign debt by drawing away investors

–         a default by countries like Ireland on their fraudulent bank debt, which is rewarding banks for crimes and punishing the ordinary people

–         a parallel currency to allow the southern European countries to regain competitiveness

–         investment in job creating industries – and not just property for the elite to create profitable financal scams

–         fnancial regulation of the banks to ensure the money goes into investments that bring a real return in the economy and not on financial tricks

–         an end to the lobbying that allows the financial elite to write laws and put their court jesters into positions as government advisors

A coordinated economic approach only makes sense if there are concrete measures taken to improve growth and competitiveness throughout the eurozone, given the „elite“ are determined to keep the people yoked inside the currency.

Only real growth, jobs, prosperity will satisfy the people and the markets.

In the long term, the eurozone should surely to adopt the same monetary system as China.

As Vienna Economy Professor Franz Hörmann, explained in an interview in Der Standard, China’s current boom is based on printing money without creating debt, giving loans to businesses without asking for interest and keeping money in circulation to prevent artificial shortages leading to debt.

The German elite especially will have to accept the painful reality that they either move with the times – or they will be removed by the people as is happening now in Tunesia and possibly much sooner than they think as happened to the Tunesian elite.

Alas, alas, the conference at the Axel Springer HQ yesterday suggested the German elite have yet to grasp the precariousness of the situation that they too are in given that their corruption, criminality and incompetence has been all too vividly on display.

As the budget cuts that the elite and their minions are imposing on the hardpressed people to transfer money to them bite yet more, the danger of a revoltion will grow. The English are supposed to accept a 40% budget cut to make money for the banks. Unions have announced huge strikes in April.

It looks like false flag ops, mass poisoning of the people, murder of honest politicians (Smolensk) and wars in the Middle East and other opportunistic and cunning schemes such as the attempt by the Tunesian authoritarian president blame unrest on terrorists will not save the self styled „elite“ this time.

People want genuine economic and democratic reform. They don’t want to read about phantom reform or propserity in the elite’s newspapers any longer or to read the views of the elite’s court economists and journalists.

We can only hope the elite see the writing on the wall and introduce reforms soon.

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Jane Burgermeister



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