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Posted on December 29, 2010


Šo publikāciju sagatavot pamudināja divi līdzīgi raksti abās okeāna pusēs Christian Science Monitor un The Economist.Tas liek nopietni saausīties ja nozīmīgi labējo izdevumi ir pievērsušies tik mazai valstij kā Latvija(iedz.skaita ziņā) neviss Irānai,Ķīnai,Krievijai.The Economist apskatniekiem būtu jaizlasa mans iepriekšejais raksts par NVO,preses darbību Venecuēlā un tad jāskatās uz Nikaragvu.Parastam nikaragvietim tie liekas kā parasta jeņķu ķengāšanās bet šoreiz ir jāpaskaidro ka Nikaragvā 2011.gadā notiks prezidenta vēlēšanas.

Center for Socio- Economic Research and Consulting (CINASE) veiktā aptauja uzrādīja ka uzvaru gūs pašreizējais Nikaragvas prezidents D.Ortega ar 28%,Montealegre 18% un Alemans 1,3%.42% nikaragviešu nosauca ka viņu simpātijas pieder Sandinistu partijai.Tāpēc atļāvos nopublicēt neatkarīgu analītisku materiālu par Nikaragvu.

U.S. ratchets up Contra War II against Nicaragua
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Nov 5, 2010, 00:26

(WMR) — Borrowing its war plan against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua from Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush, and Oliver North, the Obama administration has given a green light to two neighbors of Nicaragua — Costa Rica and Honduras — to ratchet up tensions on their borders with Nicaragua.

On October 18, 2010, WMR reported: “Costa Rican police and DIS personnel are allegedly involved in the cross-border [drug] trafficking. Currently, a Colombian bank is being used to buy up land along the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan border ostensibly for “tourist” purposes but the $2 billion project is designed to establish staging areas for renewed Contra warfare in Nicaragua if the Sandinistas remain in power beyond the 2011 election. The US private military contractor Dyncorp is also involved in providing assistance to the Contras using the cover of ‘humanitarian assistance.’”

On October 28, Nicaragua accused Costa Rica of staging cross border raids by Costa Rican paramilitary police into Nicaraguan territory. Costa Rica has been warning Nicaragua against dredging the San Juan River inside Nicaraguan territory. Costa Rica, which fancies itself as an ecological ”green haven,” claims the dredging of the river is causing environmental damage. But as WMR previously reported, Costa Rica, which is backed by George Soros “civil society” agents of influence, as well as Israeli intelligence agents, is trying to paint Nicaragua as an aggressive destroyer of the environment.

On November 1, Costa Rica claimed that Nicaraguan troops had taken up position on Calero island in the San Juan River and which is claimed by both countries. Nicaragua claims that its troops are in the area to control drug trafficking from Costa Rica, which WMR previously reported involved Costa Rican police and intelligence personnel. In a statement published by The Washington Post, Nicaraguan Army chief of staff General Julio Aviles confirmed WMR’s previous report stating the drug trafficking from Costa Rica is controlled by an ex-patriate Nicaraguan family operating from San Jose, the Costa Rican capital.

WMR has also learned that the paramilitary operatives operating out of Costa Rica, including CIA and Mossad agents, are now looking at extending their destabilization operations into El Salvador, now governed by the leftist Farabundo Marti Liberation Front government of President Mauricio Funes, an ally of Ortega in Nicaragua. The tactic being used by the Chinchilla-Lieberman regime in San Jose is the same as that being used against Nicaragua: flood El Salvador with cocaine to increase drug gang warfare and instability.

Most of the drug smuggling from Costa Rica into Nicaragua and El Salvador is being conducted by Russian-Israeli mafiosi figures operating under diplomatic cover at the Israeli embassy in San Jose. Others officially operate in San Jose as “Russian Martial Arts” trainers, however, they are actually Israeli Defense Force “Krav Maga” trainers.

One of the Mossad suspects, now wanted by INTERPOL, in the assassination of a Palestinian official in Dubai was suspected of making death threats and engaging an an attempted kidnapping in Costa Rica but the Costa Rican government declined prosecution. The Israeli suspect’s false identity in the Dubai assassination is Kevin Daveron, born 2/2/1972, Ireland Passport 980975, alias Jonathan Lewis Graham (stolen identity from a United Kingdom passport.

Ex-Israeli commandos operating in Costa Rica with the blessing of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (not known to be a relation to Costa Rica’s pro-Zionist Vice President Luis Lieberman Ginsburg;Avigdor hails from Moldova while Luis is of Polish descent) operate under the cover of the Mossad-linked security firm Bitajon Shar, which has been connected, according to WMR’s Central American sources, to the destabilization efforts on the Costa Rican borders with Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Bitajon Shar has also been described as a Mossad pass-through to infiltrate Israeli security personnel into the counter-narcotics apparatuses of Colombia and Mexico, as well as Costa Rica.

On October 18, WMR reported on the Israeli involvement with drug smuggling into Nicaragua: “In Honduras and Costa Rica, customs officials now look the other way as Israeli private security personnel, mostly ex-Israeli commandos, guard half length trucks without license plates that are moving drugs and weapons from Honduras and Costa Rica into Nicaragua to support the new Contras gearing up to fight the Sandinistas prior to next year’s election. Key border crossing points for the Israelis are in the Peńas Blancas National Park of Costa Rica and Cardenas, Nicaragua on Lake Nicaragua. The Penas Blancas area was a hotbed of Contra activity during the Reagan administration’s secret war against Nicaragua. On the Nicaraguan-Honduran border, an ex-Contra named ‘Comandante Jahob’ is planning to start an armed conflict against Nicaragua if Ortega does not leave office next year. Commandante Jahob, whose real name is José Gabriel Garmendia, is reportedly acting along with CIA and Mossad commandos in Honduras and with the knowledge of the Honduran regime imposed by the Obama administration last year. Old CIA bases in Honduras that once supported the Contras in the 1980s, are reportedly being reactivated.”

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report(subscription required).




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